What Is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is an ultimate state of relaxation, achieved when you learn to connect with your subconscious. Practiced along with an ongoing therapy, the results can have a considerable impact on your state of being. When these two elements are combined to form hypnotherapy, what you get is a powerful solution to many mental, physical and social impairments.

Despite a common misconception, hypnosis does not involve standing on a stage doing a chicken impression while a hypnotist shouts “magic” words at you – This might be an extreme stereotypical example but, the truth is a lot of people don’t really understand the process and some even fear it.

For a person to undergo hypnotherapy treatment, they need to understand what the process involves and practise it with a trusted and qualified hypnotherapist for the best results to be achieved quickly and easily. A good therapist will always sit down with you before any treatment, explain the process, answer any questions you have and agree on a suitable outcome for you.

Hypnosis is a largely natural state for human beings to experience and can occur more regularly than you think. Throughout a normal day it is possible to drift in to a different state of consciousness without being aware of it. This place in your mind which sits between awake and asleep is called hypnosis. Guided hypnosis with a qualified therapist is a simple and more instant way to reach a state of mind that allows you to alter the stubborn mindsets which reside there, opening up the possibilities of positive change within many areas of your life.

During your hypnotherapy session the therapist will use verbal communication skills to achieve a previously agreed alteration in thoughts, behaviour, perception, sensation and feeling. You will never be unconscious and you will remain fully in control of what is happening throughout the entire process.