All forms of anxiety have the ability to hold you back in everyday life, causing acute physical reactions such as rapid heartbeat, tensed muscles, nausea, sweating and crippling emotional effects which stop you expressing yourself, dealing with situations or taking action. Constant worrying can have a profound effect on every aspect of your life, causing you to miss opportunities and prevent you from ever being truly happy.

The intensity of anxiety can vary from the smallest knot in your stomach to a full on panic attack. While the first is a fairly natural reaction when we are out of our comfort zone, the latter can be a very scary experience and a lonely place to be, leaving you drained, lost and even more scared than you were before. Hypnotherapy can change this process by:

  • Relieving anxiety and irrational fears
  • Helping you face up to and beat phobias
  • Increasing confidence
  • Reducing and stopping panic attacks
  • Encouraging you to maintain a relaxed state

Anxiety is learned behaviour and can be unlearned using the right approach. Hypnosis combined with the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is designed to help you overcome panic disorders and any degree of anxiety, allowing you to look forward to a more relaxed, calm and confident future. Many people choose to avoid the situation or circumstances that cause them to feel anxious or panicked; Getting on a plane, going to the dentist or social situations for example, which consistently make the problem worse, seriously limiting your life and eventually affecting your health.

Trying to control anxiety with rational thought alone without the intervention of therapy can be extremely difficult and can even make the problem worse. Focusing on what triggers your anxiety can magnify it and lead to more anxiety, which in turn increases the original symptoms, creating a vicious circle.

Hypnotherapy is a successful way of counteracting anxiety by simultaneously retraining the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind, allowing you to gain control over your own mind comfortably and conquer anxiety at a pace that suits you.