Smoking Cessation


Do you need help to become a non-smoker? People who never smoked don’t often understand the complexity involved with becoming a non-smoker, thinking it’s as simple as not buying another pack of cigarettes. In fact, there are a number of physical, psychological and emotional feelings connected with the act of smoking for a long term smoker.

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to get to the root of and alter the feelings associated with lighting up, providing a permanent solution compared to willpower alone. Becoming a non-smoker requires powerful physical and ongoing mental alterations. Physically removing evidence of smoking from your life, such as cigarettes and any other related paraphernalia, along with changing the deeply ingrained triggers in your subconscious mind that accompany any addiction.

Every smoker has their own reasons for giving up. Whatever yours might be: There are some additional benefits to be gained when you decide to become a non-smoker:

  • Improved health and less risk of future health problems.
  • Looking and feeling younger with a longer life expectancy
  • Increased energy and more time to enjoy other activities.
  • Fresher breath, clean smelling clothes and no nicotine stained fingers.
  • More money to spend, save, enjoy and pay bills etc.

When hypnotherapy is used in this capacity, the process is a lot easier if you want to give up, for your own reasons, making you more responsive to treatment in a shorter space of time. If you don’t want to become a non-smoker, but you need to, due to health problems for instance, treatment will take longer as you uncover what holds you back and solve it before moving on to the next stage.