Neuro – Linguistic programming or NLP is an extremely effective therapy which allows people to unlock the structures of communication to realise their full potential, enabling them to think, communicate and manage themselves and others in a successful way. NLP influences brain behaviour (Neuro) by using language (Linguistic) to essentially “reset” the way the brain responds to stimuli (Programming). This process assists humans to achieve new and better behaviours in response to everyday situations. NLP sometimes incorporates hypnosis to further assist the “programming” stage.

Humans often have the same response to the same stimuli many times over, even if this causes a negative effect on their life. NLP gets to the root of what creates negative learnt behaviours and works on changing the formation of them, allowing users to behave in a different way, thus, changing their life.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”

Imagine a dog runs up to you wagging its tail. Most people would stroke it, or if you have been bitten by a dog before you might move away or feel scared. Now imagine you have never seen a dog before in your life. The ability to stroke the dog or be scared of it is not in your memory banks so you wouldn’t know how to behave around it, you might stand there wondering or ask someone else what you should do.

Everyone has had very different experiences as they journey through life, these experiences are contained within memory banks and depending on the intensity of the feeling at the time of the experience, these will be stored in the unconscious mind and predict future behaviour.

The unconscious mind is like wearing an invisible magnet, you know what you should be doing but the magnet keeps pulling you back to where you don’t want to be, but because you can’t see or feel the magnet it is out of your conscious awareness.

All behaviour has a positive intention, the behaviour might not work for you but some think it is the only option they have – this creates statements like “I have always been like this” It’s just who I am” It’s too late to change.” This kind of belief makes a person continue to behave in the same way over and over again, taking drugs, overeating or drinking, for example, they know it’s bad for them and they could end up in a life threatening situation but they don’t stop.

NLP helps you rid yourself of the invisible magnet and helps you with many areas of your life including;

  • Confidence, communication and negative self talk
  • Goal setting
  • Depression, shyness, anger, jealousy, phobias, traumatic memories, shame, grief
  • Increased motivation & energy