Julie, Relaxation Session

Kaz made us feel very welcome, and explained about relaxation, and what to expect during the course of the evening. From the moment we arrived there was a very relaxed atmosphere, with relaxing candles, and mellow lighting. We were asked to give some details about ourselves, then Kaz explained in depth about relaxation and what to expect during the evening. I found the whole experience really relaxing, felt refreshed and very chilled and had the best night’s sleep I had for a while.


Lorraine, 52. Relaxation Session.

I took part in a relaxation session with Kaz.  It was very good.  I was able to switch off the constant chatter in my head for the duration of the session.  I was in a perfectly relaxed state. This left me feeling very calm after the session, and that up night I slept better that I have for ages. Thank you Kaz, I will definitely come again, and I would highly recommend others to do the same.


Tom G, Age 34, Relaxation Session

Starting from the beginning, it was experience which I have never had before, It was very easy to go under. The feeling during relaxation session  is  very difficult to describe but the nearest description would be like from the movie, I could go to every moment of my life from the past and experience again, didn’t concentrate on current time, but I was aware where I was, but that’s it i was somewhere else . After  relaxation session I felt incredibly peaceful, to the point that went sleep immediately after arriving home, all problems were kind of lighter, they didn’t disappeared, but were how to say hmm OK : ) I think relaxation session would be good to do every so often. The Hypnotherapist, environment and preparation were on the highest standards and this is why I think was easy to get in to it. Will never forget this experience and hopefully will repeat again.


Marion S, Age 43, Relaxation Session

I was a little nervous as never been to hypnosis but Kaz soon made me feel at ease. Through the relaxation hypnosis I felt all my muscles unknotted and I felt like I was floating on a cloud a cleansing cloud. When I came back round I felt lovely at peace and relaxed with a feeling of wellbeing. It felt like I was walking on cushions back to my car. That night I had the best night sleep ever and still felt refreshed and relaxed for several days after.  Best of all I have a recording of my session so whenever I felt a little stressed I just sit back and enjoy all over again. Many thank Kaz for make my first hypnotherapy such a wonderful one xxx


Tom G, Age 34, Stop Smoking Session

The preparation was professional and felt like I have been treated with care from the Hypnotherapist, after short interview and relaxation session which I strongly recommend I had my session to help giving up smoking, during the session I could identify which moments are the weakest and when I should be more careful, after the session I felt very positive and strong that I can do it, however it did required my inner ‘’decision’’ to not pick up for cigarette, but only a few moment during the day. Generally I didn’t have craving for cigarette, it has been 4 weeks and I didn’t have one. Hypnotherapy does help a lot all you need is to have a will to give up.